Please share with me the following information to ensure your day runs smoothly and desired shots are best met.

best person to contact during the wedding should there be any changes to agenda, planning etc. Please include their phone #
Will you be having a first look?
Refer to Wedding Packet if you need to be reminded what this means!
If getting ready photos are being taken, I recommend starting once bride is 3/4 the way done.
Feel free to let me know about miscellaneous items that are important here: Family heirlooms, personal letters between you & your spouse, gifts, etc.
Please include the address.
Religious, backyard, etc. Please describe as detailed as possible.
Please list all participants. Feel free to explain their relationship to you.
Sparklers, confetti, rice, etc
Bouquet toss, cake cutting, first dances etc.
This section is very important. Please include all family groupings (using names/relationship to you) that you would like during your family formal time before or after the ceremony. This list will help keep me organized, and will be used to call out each grouping of family members. We recommend making two lists, one for each side of the family.
Photographer Arrival Time
Photographer Arrival Time
Photographer Departure Time
Photographer Departure Time
Please copy + paste below or email separately once completed!
So that they may be properly credited when blogging. Please include videography, planner, florals, dress designer, hair and makeup, cake/dessert, décor and design, etc. etc.!